Author of Dot's Red Thread
Memoir of a D-Day Paratrooper
My grandfather, Dot (or Chet) a cowboy footballer, studied law until World War 2, when he joined the US Army, then the 82nd Airborne Division. As a soldier in the 508th PIR and the last man on the 'stick,' he jumped before dawn on D-Day into German-held Normandy... "I came in the night saying my prayers." That jump changed his life. Through the years, Dot and I travelled to France's Normandie his 'home away from home.' To celebrate D-Day this year, 2016, I'm taking a pilgrimage to his friends and family across the world who gather in Sainte Mere Eglise and Picauville to celebrate the bravery, fortitude, and courage of my grandfather and his brothers in arms. This year, my grandfather took his final jump. This year, join my journey to stitch my memories with Dot's Red Thread.

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